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Vision. Make art and culture accessible to everyone.

Mission. To be the default app for museums to create guides and connect.

A new kind of guide

Standalone museum apps are prohibitively expensive and time consuming to build. And museum visitors are less likely to download apps they're only going to use once. 

GuideApp solves these problems by providing an alternative to developing a standalone app: a mobile network for museums to create multimedia guides in minutes and for free.  

Museums own their content and GuideApp's intuitive design makes creating and managing their guides a joy. Our CMS is integrated into the app, so everything is done seamlessly on the phone. 

And for visitors, they just have to download GuideApp on their phone and search for the museum they want - no sign up or log in required.

Community features

GuideApp is not just a guide for your museum, it's also a place to interact with visitors and build vibrant communities.


Publish long-form, multimedia, news articles. Anyone who follows you will get updated in their News Feed.


Host conversations with your Followers. These Chats can be Public, or set to Private for only those who have purchased one of your guides.

Follow, Likes and Comments

Users can follow as many museums as they want and interact with their content with Likes and Comments.

Transparent business model

GuideApp is ad-free and we don't mine your data, or use click-baiting algorithms. The customers we serve are the people who use our platform, museums and art lovers, not advertisers. ​​

As a creator, we believe that you – not hidden algorithms – should be in control of your earnings. You get paid every time you sell content, less standard transaction fees to Apple or Google and a 5% fee to GuideApp. It's that simple and it's a great deal compared to the cost of building and marketing a standalone app.

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