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Getting started with GuideApp.

What is GuideApp?

GuideApp is a social publishing mobile app for anyone to create and discover multimedia guides for cultural institutions like museums, as well as stay connected to those institutions with long-form news and other community features.

Is GuideApp customizable?

What makes GuideApp different is that you can fully customize your account by creating Pages and arranging your content the way you want.


It's just like having your own app, but it's free and on a shared network where people can find you!

Is GuideApp free?

Yes, GuideApp is free for everyone to use. 

Is my data safe?

Our customers are our creators, not advertisers. This means we don’t have to employ complex news feeds algorithms or data collection. 


We use basic information, like location, so that you can better enjoy GuideApp, but we never sell that data to third parties. 


GuideApp is built to be a safe place, where you know your data won’t go anywhere. See our Terms of Service for more information. Learn more here.

Do you need to create an account to use GuideApp?

No. Content on GuideApp is free to browse and view without creating an account.


However, an account is required in order to Like, Comment, Chat, Purchase or Create content and other forms of engagement. 

How do I publish content?

GuideApp is about creating Pages and sub-Pages and adding content to them. 


First you complete your Homepage by adding a Banner Image, Profile Picture, Description and your Social links.


Next you start adding new Pages to your Homepage. Add a Page when you are editing your Homepage using the +Menu above the keyboard.


Now you are ready to Add Something to your new Page from the +Menu when you are editing. You can paste or type text, upload video and audio, embed links from YouTube and Soundcloud, as well as create Treasure Hunts, Polls, Quizzes and much more.

How does GuideApp make money?

GuideApp is ad-free and does not sell user data to third parties. 


We believe the people who use the platform are our customers. So we charge a 5% fee only if you sell content. Otherwise, the platform is completely free.

What is the Creator Share of sales?

Apple and Android currently charge 15% for all in-App sales and GuideApp charges only 5%. So creators get 80% of each sale they make, less any personal bank and card fees.

How do you sell content?

Content is sold by creating Pages and setting a price to each of them in Page Settings.


Once you’ve created a Page and added your content (such as video, audio, text, images), tap on ‘Next’ and then select ‘Set a Price.’ A Lock icon will now appear on the Page Thumbnail. To unlock the Page, users will pay for it using either their iOS or Android handset payment methods. Earnings are sent to your Rambl Wallet.

ARTapp Paywall
ARTapp Paywall

How do you purchase content?

A Page Thumbnail that contains a Lock icon in the top-right corner indicates that you may have to pay for it. In which case, if you tap on the thumbnail, a card will appear indicating the price and prompting you to pay. Tap on the Pay button and follow the instructions to securely pay using your iOS or Android handset payment system.

ARTapp Payments phone

How do Creators get paid?

Every account has a Wallet, which is located in Settings. When content is sold, the Wallet belonging to the content Creator is topped-up by the amount sold less fees. Creators can securely Payout their Wallets by requesting a Paypal link to be sent to them by email and then by following Paypal’s simple instructions.

ARTapp Settings
ARTapp Wallet and Payouts

How do people find my AppSite?

After downloading the app on either their iOS or Android devices, users are directed to the Search screen on GuideApp where they can type your Address, Name or Keyword to find you.

How do my followers know when I Post new content?

When you have completed a Page, go to Page Settings and select 'Add to Feed.' The Page will now appear in the News Feed of anyone who follows you. 


Tap on the Feed icon at the bottom-left of the main screen to view your News Feed. There are no fancy algorithms in our News Feed. The most recent posts of the people you follow always appear first so you never miss anything. This also helps Creators make sure that all their followers see their posts.

How does Chat work?

Chats can either be Puclic or Private. 


Public Chats are accessible to anyone who follows you. Private Chats are linked to a Locked Page and therefore only visible to followers who have access to that Page.


All the Chats from every account you follow are aggregated in the Chat Home located in the Footer Menu of the main screen.


Chats are also accessible on an individual basis within each Account. 

How do I create a Treasure Hunt?

Start by creating the main Page for your Treasure Hunt, then add sub-Pages to that Page, one for each treasure you want hunted. These sub-Pages cannot be opened until they are hunted.


Go back to your main Page and in Edit Mode add a Treasure Hunt card from the +Menu. It will prompt you to select what type of hunt you want. 


There are 4 types of Treasure Hunts: Map, Augmented Reality, QR Code and Keypad.


For Map and Augmented Reality hunts, you will need to make sure that a Location is set in Page Settings for each of the sub-Pages. Once a location is set on a sub-Page, users can hunt for the treasure in the sub-Page on a Map and/or by using the Augmented Reality camera-view.


For QR Code and Keypad hunts, you will need to either set a QR Code or an alpha-numeric code to each sub-Page in Page Settings. When users scan the correct QR Code or type the correct alpha-numeric code, the corresponding Page opens up.


Scores are tabulated in the Treasure Hunt card on the main Page. Scores from all the players can be seen by the Treasure Hunt Creator by going to the main Page and selecting the profile icon in the Page header.

ARTapp Treasure Hunts
ARTapp Treasure Hunts

How do Quizzes work?

Quizzes are assessments that you can add to any Page. There are two types of questions you can ask in a Quiz: Multiple Choice and Number Questions.

When you add a Quiz to a Page from the +Menu, a floating menu will appear at the bottom of the screen, which allows you to select the type of question you would like to ask and to manage the settings of the quiz.

If you select Multiple Choice, start by typing the question, then add one true answer and at least one false answer. Now select the true answer in your list and then select Done.

If you select Number, start by typing the question, then add the answer in the form of a number in the empty box on the right of the question field, then tap Done to add it to your Page.

Artapp Quizzes

You can repeat the process above and add as many questions as you want. You can also drag-and-drop a question on top of another to format the questions in a carousel.

In Quiz Settings, you can add a Finish button so users can score their test and see which are the correct answers. You can also add a Retake button that allows users to delete their results so they can retake the quiz.

Scores from all the users who have taken a quiz can be seen by the Quiz Creator by going to the main Page and selecting the profile icon in the Page header. 

How to add multiple languages?

Once you've completed your Page in one language, tap the +Menu and select Languages.

Now choose which languages you want to display. If you select, say, English, Spanish and French, your original page will now be replicated three times.

A new language button will appear in the top-right of the header on the Page that looks like the planet earth. Tap on that button and select the new language. 

Now you can edit the replicated Page by changing any text, audio or video to match the language selected for that Page.

When you are editing a Page, remember to check in the language drop-down menu which language you are editing.

ARTapp Languages
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